Two 20-minute halves with a running clock. There will be a 2-minute halftime and 3 minutes between games.  All teams should be warmed up and ready to take the field for the next game.

A ten-minute warm up time will be provided prior to first game only.

No overtime in pool-play games.  Games may end in a tie.

Playoff and championship games will be 20 minutes.

Playoff and championship games will have an overtime if the score is tied at the end of regulation.

In playoff and championship games if the score is tied or a 1 goal differential in the last minute of play only, STOP clock will be implemented.  The clock will stop on all whistles in the last minute of play only if the score is tied or a 1 goal differential.

Overtime Procedure:
Teams will line up immediately for a Draw after regulation ends.  You can sub, but no team meeting can occur.  Golden Goal / Sudden Death – first goal wins.  A 5-minute clock will be put up for the sole purpose if a Yellow or Red card is given and penalty time needs to be accounted for.

*Alternate possession will continue into the overtime period and will not reset.


Winter Nationals will follow all US Lacrosse as it pertains to each age level with the following tournament specific modifications:

New US Lacrosse guidelines for 2019 will be in force:

  1. Outside the critical scoring area, players will be allowed to self-start after fouls.
  2. The establishment of a penalty zone on free position shots.

Full checking for the 2022, 2023 & 2024 divisions (no 4-goal rule)

Modified checking for the 2025 division with 3-second rule for good defensive positioning (no 1-pass rule, no 4-goal rule.)

*There are NO timeouts!

During an injury timeout, clock will run. (Tournament official’s discretion can supersede.)

8-meter shots will be played out if the horn sounds for the end of the game or half. If the 8-meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, then the game is done at the time of the horn.

A goal is scored by the whole ball passing completely over the goal line.  The shot must be released before time expires.

Alternate possession – The team listed first on the schedule receives the first alternate possession.  After the initial possession is awarded, the possession will then alternate.

1 Yellow card – the player must sit for 2 minutes, running clock, the official will announce the time of the inception of the card.  Coaches will release the penalty after 2 minutes have expired on the scoreboard clock.

2 Yellow cards – the player must sit the remainder of the game. And may return to the next game.
RED card (Player) – The player must sit the remainder of the game and the NEXT game.
RED card (Coach) – the coach must leave the game and remain away from the game until the completion of the game.

Score keeping:
Score will be kept on each field’s scoreboard and a timer/scorer is provided.  The first team listed on the schedule is the Home team.

Playoff seeding determined with the following tie-breakers in order:

1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Goals Against
4) Goal Differential
5) Coin Toss

** In play-off games: The higher seeded team will receive the first alternate possession.